MedicPad Clinic e-Reception caters for both scheduled and rescheduled users as well as those without a registration. One of the advantages of self-check-in and self-checkout is the decentralization of the operation, and there may be several electronic reception sites, thus avoiding the concentration of patients in one place.

Some of the features of theMedicPad Clinic application:

  • Self-check in and Self-check out

The relationship between the user and the receptionist is not of quality but more than quantity and some procedures are required to register.

You can do this by electronic means saving time to free people in the reception center for other functions and to focus on what is important, namely giving information, meeting complex needs, etc.

Patients can register their admission, be directed to the doctor’s office and even pay in less than 30 seconds.

  • Pre-screening

Pre-screening is important to distinguish the urgency of care.

When he goes to the doctor, he asks several questions about age, weight, what symptoms, if he has similar antecedents, what happened, in what context, when you had the last episode, etc.

By digitally filling in some of the basic data, which relates to medical history and its symptomatology, in the waiting room, the patient automatically transfers this medical information to their physician, reducing consultation time and receiving a faster diagnosis and treatment.

  • Integration into existing applications

It is possible to integrate this application into existing solutions and thus be able to share the information of both the booking and admission registration as clinical patient information.

  • Application in the language of the country of installation

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MedicPad Patient allows alerts on prescription and drug effects.

The application has a database of medicines side effects allowing:

  • Checking medication side effects

Let patients quickly see important side effects on the medicine they are taking.

  • Sending Alerts

May the app send alerts when a new prescription is filled, which may cause adverse side effects with other active medications the patient is taking.

  • View doctor’s notes

Easily view your doctor’s appointment notes and patient’s record as well as receive important information about the patient’s doctor’s prescription details such as dose, medication time alerts, etc.

  • Integration into existing applications

It is possible to integrate this application into existing solutions / applications and thus share the information

  • Application in the language of the country of installation

This application supports clinical decision making and enables physicians to provide quality and more effective medical care. Patients will be able to better monitor their medication and provide doctors with real-time feedback through the app, research and receive information about important side effects on prescription and non-prescription medications.

Specially designed for health and wellness professionals. Cloud-based software offers simplicity, security and efficiency in managing the patient registration and medical records process.

You can view some of the application’s functions through the following video:

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DigitalNurse is a virtual mobile phone application that has a variety of functions that facilitate patient care, both in the hospital and at home, as well as the possibility of supervising the local nurse / caregiver on the move assisting.

With a simple scan of a QR code available in the hospital, home or patient bed, the nurse / caregiver can enter the daily activity plan directly into the mobile application allowing access to third parties, healthcare professionals or home care providers, in the safe implementation of home care.

Product Highlights

  • QR Code Scanner – Each patient is connected with a tag with a special QR code used in the mobile application.
  • Activity Tracker – clock-in and clock-out according to treatment / care plan used in mobile application
  • Permission-Based Access – Each code is registered for a specific site / patient tailored to your needs.
  • On-line Reporting – Keeps track of where staff are and how they are spending their time with a daily online log.
  • GPS staff finder – records staff location and activity via QR code and GPS location service
  • Custom application according to customer needs and language of installation country

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MedicBotAI is an AI-powered robot that has telemedicine and autonomous functions to facilitate preventative care, patient monitoring and friendly interactions to sustain mental health and reduce non-care work burnout of staff in hospitals.

Employee & Visitor Screening Kiosk, used for initial EBT screening purposes only.

MedicPad Infrared uses the FLIR E8 WiFi enabled thermal camera device for surface body temperature related screening checkpoints.

Platform Use Cases & Key Features

Used for initial EBT screening, and that actual determination would be done in a follow up check with a medically-approved device.

Use kiosks to manage workplace point of entrances.

Perform visual authentication of employee clearance status using face recognition.

Provide directions, guidance, and updates.

Scan patients autonomously in mass for presence of face mask and trigger alarms when mask is not properly in place.

Triage patients and employees using questionnaire and thermal camera screening checkpoints.

Leverage self-service kiosk technology to support a high volume at point of entrance.

De-risk the testing staff and patients in such a setting by automating workflow and using robotics.

Support convenient flexible remote deployment and maintenance in makeshift, evolving and mobile testing locations such as at hotels and roadway checkpoints.


The app works only with FLIR Exx or Txxx cameras only. To order visit this website:

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